Know Your Rashi(Zodiac)

There are two types of Signs which are used in Astrology namely Sun Sign and Moon Sign. The Indian astrology is based on Moon Zodiac and Western Astrology is based on Sun Zodiac. Sun represents your soul and Moon represents your Mind. Moon is the second most important planet in Astrology. It deals with the emotions and feelings of an individual. These two luminaries are very important to illuminate the world and the reason being, life exists on the planet Earth. Though Moon is not a planet astronomically; however, it has been included as a planet in Astrology.

Sun takes twelve months to travel through the twelve zodiac signs and hence it stays in one zodiac for one month only. Moon on the contrary stays in a sign for around fifty four hours (Two and a half days approximately) and it takes around twenty eight days to complete its travel cycle through the twelve zodiac signs.

Moon Sign cannot be calculated only from your date of birth, as you do with your Sun Sign; Moon Sign is the zodiac sign occupied by the Moon at the time of your birth.

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