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The Water that will change your Life….

Each of the 12 signs can benefit from the properties of certain vegetables, flowers and herbs, which help to heal, grow, balance, and inspire. Look up your sign below and thrive by filling your life with these brilliant gifts from Mother Nature! 



March 21-April 19

Ruled by Mars

Plants associated with this element and planet usually have thorns or prickles..



April 20-May 20

Ruled by Venus

Venus is the planet that represents desire and beauty, so Taurus plants often…



May 21 to June 20

Ruled by Mercury

Gemini’s plants usually feature finely divided leaves or stems..hairy or furry..



June 21 – July 22

Ruled by Moon

Cancer’s plants generally have soft or Moon-shaped leaves, contain a..



July 23 – Aug. 22

Ruled by Sun

Leo’s plants are usually large and gold or orange in color, or have heart..



Aug. 23 – Sept. 22

Ruled by Mercury

Her plants often have finely divided leaves or stems, subtle odors, or small….



Sept. 23 – Oct. 22

Ruled by Venus

Libra’s plants often have light, lovely flowers and gorgeous scents…



Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

Ruled by Mars & Pluto

Scorpio’s plants are often found in remote places or underground…



Nov.  22 – Dec.  21

Ruled by Jupiter

plants tend to be large in size and fairly conspicuous, with a pleasant odor…



Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

Ruled by Saturn

Capricorn’s plants usually have few flowers, are knobby or woody, and may..



Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

Ruled by Uranus

Water-bearer’s plants will often grow in unusual places and may vary in….



Feb. 19 – March 20

By Jupiter & Neptune

Pisces plants are often large but hard to find, and may grow near the ocean..

A Word About Plant Astrology

Since early in the history, man observed the cycles that plants have when they grow according to their seasons. Astrology and botany are complementary to nature. The myths surrounding the plants, their medicinal properties given from Mother Nature, unseen cycles that connect many different factors in our world gave ideas to some astrology concepts such as: Druid Horoscope, Celtic Tree Calendar, Indian Vedic Systems Jyotish Shastra (Vastu Shastra), Ayurvedic studies, and many others.

What we’re Upto…

RashiJal is benefiting the lives of Many

Medical science has limitations but this science by MahhaGuru has no limits. Miracles happens and that’s what has happened to many of my patients who were incurable as per modern medical science. All the best MahhaGuru for such a wonderful product which is touching life of every individual.

-Dr. Rachna Jindal

Gynaecologist, Jindal Maternity Home

To stay fit and fine, the blessings of MahhaGuru in form of RashiJal has helped me. Since I do biking on all most all impossible roads, this water keep me focused and positive all the time. I get miraculous energy, Not only me, My complete gang of bikers use RashiJal.

-Anurag Kakkar

Wild Life Photographer and Biker

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